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Community-Based Services

We provide public speaking events, wellness workshops and corporate wellness support.
We understand the value of supporting the health and wellness of your employees, club members, practitioners, and/or community. Contact us to explore how we can support your next wellness event! We are experienced public speakers, providing motivational, inspirational and informative talks on all things health and wellness. We are available to speak at conferences, retreats, workshops, schools, clubs, and wherever she is needed!
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Public Speaking

Nu, LLC provides public speaking and educational sessions in many settings throughout the community. Health and nutrition-based presentations are a valuable addition to corporate wellness conferences, as part of mental and physical health workshops, and for private and community-based groups, clubs, and schools.

Nutrition education is also important for sports and athletic groups!. Book Meg or Ava and they will create a custom program for your audience or team.

Corporate Wellness

We offer informational and relevant presentations in traditional and modern corporate environments. From fun takes on fueling the work day to minimizing workplace stress, we have you covered.

Contact us to find out how our knowledge of nutrition can benefit your employees and organization goals.

Healthcare In-Service Presentations

We provide up-to-date nutrition education for healthcare professionals. Help your clinical team achieve better patient outcomes with enhanced nutrition knowledge and expertise.

In-service presentations are typically streamlined to 15-20 minutes with concrete take-home-points and implications for practice provided. More comprehensive presentations are available when time allows.

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